Happy New Year 2013

Welcome to the all new BNE Creative! If you haven’t noticed, our website had a “small” facelift for the new year! It’s actually a mix […]

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Move from iWeb to WordPress or a Lite CMS

Many in the Mac community know of iWeb. It was, and in some cases, still is a wonderful tool to get a live website running. Although it has many walls that prevent the latest in technologies and publishes not “amazing” code, it can still be a powerful platform. You just have to do a lot of extra work after you publish it to make it just right (read about my Google and iWeb post). Still, you have to wonder where to go to next. I’m sure you’re thinking how can I make my iWeb site and the Google God’s work in peaceful harmony? How can I add that really cool CSS3 button or even a great slideshow.

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