Happy New Year 2013

Welcome to the all new BNE Creative!

If you haven’t noticed, our website had a “small” facelift for the new year! It’s actually a mix of version 2 from 2011 and version 3 from 2012. Therefore, if you figured the secret math out, we’re now at version 4 for 2013. This new design is of course built with WordPress 3.5 and now incorporates an amazing framework called JumpStart from ThemeBlvd. This framework is absolutely amazing. Not only does it provide all the features from ThemeBlvd’s themes, but is basically a blank canvas allowing the designer to get creative with how they want their website to look by using a child theme.

We’ve also incorporated the design into our other areas such as the Support docs and Project’s Portal for our clients and customers to give them a seamless experience.