New Testimonial Plugin for WordPress

A recent client of mine asked to have a testimonial system built for their WordPress website. Now of course, there are many, many, and MANY testimonial plugins available for free on the WordPress repository including premium ones sold on However, I wanted to build a customized plugin that allowed me to either display each testimonial in a list format, like a blog listing, or have the option to display as a slideshow. I wanted flexibility in being able to place the testimonials on any page, post or sidebar. In addition, I wanted to get my feet wet with making a fully working plugin.

BNE Testimonials uses custom post types to display and store your testimonial data. You can also export the information from one install to another anytime. The testimonial plugin uses featured images, TinyMCE editor and 2 custom fields that provide a tagline, such as their company name, and a website URL. The slideshow version uses the amazing flexslider system from WooThemes. View the demo of it below with the default styles. I also use it to display my personal testimonials on my about page and within the web design page (styled slightly different).


  • Light weight plugin
  • Shortcode powered with many parameter/attribute settings.
  • Display your testimonials with a shortcode on any page/post as a list or as a slider (flexslider.js).
  • Display your testimonials in your sidebar with the provided list or slider widgets.
  • Featured image support.
  • Group your testimonials into categories using a custom taxonomy.
  • Custom Field support for a tagline and website URL.
  • Included documentation Help page.
  • Lightly styled to fit any theme with room for customizations.

Download BNE Testimonials  Upgrade to Pro Version

BNE Testimonials is developer friendly. We have added many filters to include content around the testimonial wrapper, and to change the testimonial layout. View them here. The complete filter list is also shown on the “help” page within the plugin menu ( WP Admin Menu > Testimonials > Help)



Default List Example:

Robert van het GoorRobert van het Goor

This is easily the best bottom navigation bar plug-in I've come across. It's lightweight, witch doesn't impact performance. Keeps your Wordpress CMS clean, yet offers just enough customizability to keep you satisfied. It's hard not to use it on every client website that I've built. It's very compatible with all my themes.

Blake BolesBlake Boles

After comparing many different flyout plugins, I chose BNE, and I'm glad I did. Lightweight and customizable, it does the job. When I needed help, Kerry provided quick feedback. Great purchase.

Dominic Cotignola

Using the current theme on our 13 yr old website. Works great. Speed has increased with the same plugins installed!

Nile LivingstonNile Livingston

My expectations have been exceeded. I've been using this plugin for years now and not only does the plugin work very well, but Kerry has always given me great support and response time. I highly recommend using the BNE Testimonials plugin, it's super flexible and modern. Thanks again for the OUTSTANDING support!

Default Slider Example:

  • Robert van het GoorRobert van het Goor

    This is easily the best bottom navigation bar plug-in I've come across. It's lightweight, witch doesn't impact performance. Keeps your Wordpress CMS clean, yet offers just enough customizability to keep you satisfied. It's hard not to use it on every client website that I've built. It's very compatible with all my themes.

  • Blake BolesBlake Boles

    After comparing many different flyout plugins, I chose BNE, and I'm glad I did. Lightweight and customizable, it does the job. When I needed help, Kerry provided quick feedback. Great purchase.

  • Dominic Cotignola

    Using the current theme on our 13 yr old website. Works great. Speed has increased with the same plugins installed!

  • Nile LivingstonNile Livingston

    My expectations have been exceeded. I've been using this plugin for years now and not only does the plugin work very well, but Kerry has always given me great support and response time. I highly recommend using the BNE Testimonials plugin, it's super flexible and modern. Thanks again for the OUTSTANDING support!

  1. steve richards says:


    REALLY nice plugin!! Any way of getting one testimonials to show up randomly from the list?

    That would be cool!


    • Hi Steve, most definitely. Include the post and order attributes within the shortcode. Ex: [bne_testimonials_list post="1" order="rand"]

  2. Hello,

    Is there any way to add a time delay to the slider option? It slides too fast for some of my longer testimonials.



    • Hi Andrew,

      This isn’t there at the moment but I can add it in the next update. By default the slider does “pause” when hovered and the speed of the slider is set to 7000 milliseconds. If you’re comfortable with code, you can edit the /includes/shortcode-slider.php file and include the setting for now.

      Find where the flexslider API is called which begins around line 58 and include: slideshowSpeed: 7000 within the script. Change “7000” to the desired time in milliseconds.

      // Load Flexslider API
      $shortcode_output = '';
      • Hello and thanks so much for the information.

        Do you have any idea when the update with the time variable will be available? Also, is there a mailing list or something I can join which will let me know.

        Thanks again for your help and for this plugin.


        • Hi, I’m currently out of the country so it’ll be sometime in November before I add anything to the plugin. I don’t use a Mailing list, but you could follow on Twitter if you want or just wait for the update to appear in your wordpress update page for this plugin.

  3. I am loving this plugin! It’s exactly what I’ve needed for a LONG time! And you set it up beautifully!

    One question though — is there any way to disable auto play?

  4. Ahh it looks like I got it figured out. Just had to throw

    slideshow: false

    in there 🙂

    Like I said. Awesome plugin. I ended up tweaking the CSS a lot an am using it to display short ‘success story’ articles on a colleague’s site. This format is MUCH easier for his staff to update than the setup we had been using previously.

    • Awesome, glad to hear that it’s working out for you. I made it to be easy as possible for the backend and very minimal in the css styles which allows you to put your creativity to work in css. 🙂

  5. I do have one question. I can’t get the featured images to work or show up.

    You can see my modified slider here for the Customer Reviews and here for the Success Stories.

    On the success stories I’d like do a featured image, but it isn’t allowing me. When I choose one, but it won’t even show up in the Admin posting page. Perhaps I mucked up the CSS? Or perhaps more likely I have a plugin or theme that’s conflicting?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Hmm that is odd. I’m willing to think that maybe your theme doesn’t support post thumbnails. Are you able to set the featured image on the post edit screen? Are you able to do this on your blog part?

      You could try adding this code to your functions.php file in your theme. It will enable post thumbnail support.


      Your css changes wouldn’t affect the featured image from showing unless you used a display:none;. Looking at the source code, it’s simply not being called, which made me think that your theme by default doesn’t support featured images, unless you’ve altered something in shortcode-slider.php ?

  6. Didn’t get time to dig into the thumbnail issue until today. Just inserted the code you listed and it worked like a charm! Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it!

  7. Hello Kerry,

    One other question. Would it be possible to integrate a lightbox feature for the thumbnail. I am currently using a WP theme which has PrettyPhoto installed as the lightbox. Expanding the thumnail in the testimonial would be a good feature:-)

    Thanks again,


    • It’s not on the todo list, but I’ll look into it with adding an attribute to the shortcode. Trying to keep it lean. No promises though.

    • Hi Andrew,

      I pushed out v1.4 today which addresses both of your feature request for speed configuration of the slider, and using a lightbox (via rel attribute) from your theme or another plugin. You should see the update from your wordpress update page or can re-download the latest.

      • Hello Kerry,

        Just tested the lightbox feature and it works really well. Thanks again for taking the time to add this modification.


  8. hi, firstky thanx for an excellent plugin.
    is there a way i can just get the widget to rotate through the testimonials instead of showing them in lists like it does at present (bottom footer)

  9. I am getting a scrolling text box within the page that has the testimonial plug in. Any way to remove this? It makes it hard to navigate on mobile devises.

    p.s. Love the plug in!

    • Hi Sara,

      Odd, your site is the only one that I’ve found doing this. It appears your theme doesn’t like my clear css settings. Try the following by adding it to your themes css style.css file, or a custom css area if your theme options provides one.

      .clear:after, .clearfix:after {content: " " !important; }
  10. Hi Kerry!

    First of all thanks for this amazing plugin!
    Is there a way to fix the length of the testimonial box, so it doesn’t move when changing testimonials?

    • Hi Daniel,

      I’m assuming you meant the height instead of length? You could add a min or fixed height to the .flex-content using the below CSS. I’m using min-height below so that if you happen to have a longer testimonial then it would not get cut off. Try the following by adding it to your themes css style.css file, or a custom css area if your theme options provides one. Change the number to your preferred height in pixels.

      .bne-testimonial-slider.flexslider .flex-content { min-height: 200px; }
  11. Is there a way to change the ?bne testimonials= in the url from my website or make it not to see? Change it into testimonials or in Duch “ervaringen”. Just want to change it because nobody understand of course why it is called bne testimonials 😉

    Best regards, Roelof.

    • Not sure why you would be needing to show this URL to begin with as the testimonials are not shown individually on their single post page, but rather within a shortcode. Curious, is there a reason why you would be showing these on their own published page which would show their URL in the address bar? The is really only for internal use since this is a CPT, it gets it’s own published single post page.

  12. I’ve got the testimonials listing randomly which is great – however, we would like 3 to always be at the op of the list… Is there any way of doing this? Obviously I could create 2 categories, but then each time I add a new one in I’d need to add to the All category.

    Is there a way of saying all except certain posts, or just an exclude category?

    • No sorry there is not an “exclude” parameter set for the shortcode. However, with the three you mentioned always being up top, the best way would be to create one category, say “featured” and use that for those three in the first shortcode. The rest wouldn’t need a category and would default to all being shown within the second instance of the shortcode. If you didn’t want those first three to be repeated again in the second shortcode, then you would need to setup a second category.

  13. Hi Kerry,

    Your plugin works well and I’m using it on a site now. However, if lacks hooks and options, making modifications impossible without overriding your code and/or hacking it for each site. For example, I wanted to allow images in the list shortcode and run testimonial descriptions through wpautop in the slider shortcode, but found no way to do these things through settings or hooks.

    Also, I can’t find the plugin on, where the community can rate it and give it credibility, and where you can provide public support for it, as well as get others to support one another.


    • Hi Gal,

      Thank you for your feedback. Hooks are in the pipeline for a future release when I have time to work on it. The reason you cannot find it in the WP plugin repository is because I haven’t published it there. This was a personal project of mine and I decided to release it only on my website for the time being.

  14. Is there a way insert this code into my template instead of using the short code?

  15. Hi Kerry

    Thank you for your quick reply. But it seems like it doen’t load the flex slider script…

    • It looks like this is the problem:

      	if ( !empty($post) ){
      		if ( stripos($post->post_content, 'bne_testimonials_slider') !== FALSE ) {
      			wp_register_script('flexslider', plugins_url('assets/js/flexslider.min.js', __FILE__), array('jquery'), '2.1', true);
      			wp_enqueue_style( 'bne-testimonial-styles');
      			wp_enqueue_script( 'flexslider' );

      I think the post_content forces the code to look into the post and not the header. Am i Right? if yes how do i solve this?

      • Yes you are correct. This is an appropriate way of only loading the needed scripts when the shortcode is found within the page content instead of on every page. However, it doesn’t work in your case using do_shortcode.

        In your case, you could modify that function like so:

        function bne_testimonials_scripts( ) {
        	// Load WP JS just in case...
        	wp_enqueue_script( 'jquery' );
        	// Register the CSS
        	wp_register_style( 'bne-testimonial-styles', BNE_TESTIMONIALS_URI . '/assets/css/bne-testimonials.css', '', BNE_TESTIMONIALS_VERSION, 'all');
        	// Register the JS
        	wp_register_script( 'flexslider', BNE_TESTIMONIALS_URI . '/assets/js/flexslider.min.js', array('jquery'), '2.1', true);
                // Load the scripts into the page.
        	wp_enqueue_script( 'flexslider' );
        	wp_enqueue_style( 'bne-testimonial-styles');				
        add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'bne_testimonials_scripts', 99);

        I could move these to the shortcode functions itself, but then for those that care, it would invalidate the WC3 standards with loading the CSS outside the head. I’ll look into a different way of handling the different use scenarios in an upcoming update this weekend.

  16. Thank you so much for this plugin. Can you tell me how to tell it to pull a different image than the thumbnail? I want to pull a 4:3 image – my featured image and not the thumbnail for a photography site for a client. Thanks!

    • Hi Brittany,

      Since v1.6 of the plugin, you can filter into “bne_testimonials_featured_image” and change the crop size. By default the crop is set to thumbnail. Add the following to your theme’s functions.php file:

      function my_custom_testimonial_featured_image( $shortcode_output, $options ) {
      	$size = 'medium'; // crop size
      	$attr = array(
      		'class' => 'bne-testimonial-featured-image custom'   // Your preferred image classes
      	$shortcode_output = get_the_post_thumbnail( $post_id, $size, $attr );
      	return $shortcode_output;
      add_filter('bne_testimonials_featured_image','my_custom_testimonial_featured_image', 10 , 2);

      You could use any crop size that your theme, or WordPress provides. I changed it from thumbnail to medium in the above example. Also included above is the class for the featured image, set to “custom”. This will allow you to override the width/height set from the original image crop. You can use any class name there that yo want to target with.

      .bne-testimonial-featured-image.custom {
      	/* your custom styles */
  17. It appears that the slider’s box isn’t responsive like the text is, so when you downsize or view on mobile, it is creating an odd look. Can you check into this? Thanks!

    • Hi Ben, looks like your theme is forcing a height and width size on the lower views via @media queries for anything “flexslider”. They’re coming from a css file called combined_grid.css. Try adding the following to your theme options custom css field or theme style sheet:

      .bne-testimonial-slider.flexslider { width: 100% !important; height: auto !important; }
  18. Awesome—it works! Thank you so much!

  19. This wordpress testimonial plugin is by far the best out there. Hands down! Very easy to use and well-presented. God Bless you for sharing your good work.

  20. Thank you sooo much. As owner of a web business, and after hours of research, I am soo happy to find your plugin. Works great.

    Very Awesome. Thanks again.

  21. Hi
    is that plugin support pagination when we use list form of testimonials .. ??

  22. Hi Kerry,

    I installed the plug in, and came across a small bug and cant seem to correct it. If you visit my site, you will see a small black dot that appears top left of the slider outside the border. Only appears in “fade” mode.

    Also, I have testimonials on our main page with a different “default” plugin, that came with the theme.
    I would like to be able to have a link on each one that would go directly to the related tesimonial on your plugin, so that plugin appears first.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Bryan,

      Looked at that page and didn’t see a dot you mentioned on the slider. You said it happened on fade but the slider you have there is sliding at the moment. For your second question, I’m not sure I’m following you, but it sounds like you’re wanting to use the first plugin testimonial to link to a single post view of mine? That part is not possible as I’m not providing archive or single post versions of it.

  23. Thank you Kerry.

  24. Hello Kerry,
    I’m having problem with the featured image no longer showing in the post admin. Six weeks ago, I initially inputted couple of testimonials with the non-pro version and the featured images were showing fine. About two weeks ago, I tried to input new testimonial with featured images but the images weren’t showing in the admin after selecting them.

    Being that I like the masonry view option and I want client to upload their own testimonials, I bought the pro version today. However, the featured image problem still exists. Weirdly, the first couple of testimonials I inputted six weeks ago with featured images are still showing with images. Also, I am able to change the featured images for those testimonials. However, I’m unable to add featured images with new testimonials. Please see link

    Your help is very much apprecaited. Thanks

    • Hi MultiR,

      Have you changed/installed any other plugins or changed themes from when you could add a featured image to now? My plugin doesn’t change anything with how the featured image metabox is used on the admin side, except for changing the textual information. Everything else involving the featured image is default WP. Also this part of the plugin is exactly the same as the free version.

      Now with that said, I’ve only come across one other person who experienced a similar issue as you and it was due to their theme. It filtered to only allow certain post types to use the featured image and removed it for everyone else. I don’t know if this is your case as well or perhaps another plugin is causing it from when you first noted it happened. The fact that it did work before and now it doesn’t and seeing how nothing in regards to that area of the plugin has changed lends me to believe that either another plugin is conflicting or perhaps a theme update…

      Have you tried disabling all other plugins except mine and then reactivating them one by one to see if the featured metabox returns? Also try switching to the the default WP theme as well as a test. Let me know.

  25. Hi Kerry,

    I found the problem and solution. It is to do with the new theme installed recently, which is not compatbible with the plugin. To get around it, I activated WP 2014 default theme to input the testimonials and the featured image shows. After that, I deactivated the WP default theme and actviated the theme with the issue and the featured images appears. Just thought I’d post this just in case someone else encounters the same issue.

  26. Hi Kerry,
    this plugin is awesome. I’ve tried six, incl. a premium one but so far none is as easy and flexible as yours.
    I just wondered, i’ve seen your comment on how to set a certain height for the slider so that it doesn’t slide everything below up or down, but is it possible to have a “read more” option or any other way to stop the whole adjustment completely?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for the feedback. The only way to prevent the auto height on the slider would be to include the smooth=”false” option within the shortcode or if using the widget version, marking smooth height to false in widget option.

  27. i want rotate two slides parallel. So is it possible if then how?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi Arpit,

      The way flexslider has been added to the testimonial plugin would not be possible to sync two sliders together.

  28. Hello, I have some problems when I see the slider on a mobile device. In first place it always shows the same testimony. Also the navigation arrows are in the middle of the text box.
    On the other hand when I see it on a pc there`s a white space in the bottom of the page where the slider is located. It doesn`t happen in the other pages of the site.
    If you could help me with these issues I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

    • Hi Carolina, Your theme is overriding a few of the styles since it also provides “flexslider”. For the nav buttons, you can fix this by adding the following CSS to your theme’s custom css area:

      .bne-testimonial-slider.flexslider .flex-direction-nav { bottom: 15px !important; }

      Also flexslider.min.js is being loaded twice, once for your theme and once for my plugin. You’ll need to de-register one of them.

  29. Hi Kerry,

    I am using the plugin, love it. The issue I have is with the widget, which I love also, but on longer testimonials the widget box is not auto-adjusting height wise to incorporate the entire testimonial. It is cutting the testimonial off near the bottom. What can i do?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Monty,

      Your theme, or another plugin, is forcing a max-height with everything flexslider. You can see this if you view the source of your page. It’s listed right after the title meta tag. You can try adding the following to your theme’s custom css area or theme’s style.css file to prevent this affecting the testimonial slider.

        .bne-testimonial-slider.flexslider { max-height: 100% !important; }
    • That worked! Thanks Kerry, I appreciate your quick response 🙂

  30. Hello!
    Your plugin works great but I have an issue : when I put [bne_testimonials_list post="3" image_style="circle"] in an article, it appears as it should.
    I wanted instead to include it in a page and it’s not working. I suppose I’m not doing something properly, but please help me!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Anne,

      The plugin shortcode will work in post and pages. Not sure why it wouldn’t be in your case and the shortcode you referenced looks good. Do you have a live page where this is that I can see?

      • Hi,
        the website is still under construction. I created a user for you.

        Here are the 2 url :
        – article :
        – page :

        the content is exactly the same.

        Thank you for your help!

        • I’m not able to tell from the front side. Are you using a page builder or the default WordPress visual/text editor to place the shortcode into for that page? I ask because even if the shortcode is typed wrong, it should display the shortcode [….] and just not parse it. If no testimonials were found, it would display an alert box. Since no content is being displayed on that page (frontside), I can’t diagnose any further. I would need to be able to see the edit screen to see how you’re adding it.

  31. Hello,
    I’m not using a page builder. I just put the shortcode in the text area.
    here are the 2 urls to see the edit screens:

  32. UomoMacchina says:

    Hi Jason.
    I like the plug-in very much, so thanks for it.
    I’m using it in a Widget in the sidebar. The problem is that the text displayed is too much big and I’d like to downsize all the text (title, tagline end comment).
    Is it possible by custom CSS and what is the code to insert?

    Thank you.

    • The testimonials, for the most part, take the styles of your theme, especially with text. If you go to the help admin screen under Testimonials > Help, there will be a few css classes listed that you can use to target with your customizations. You should also use your browser’s inspector tools or firebug to find specifically what you need to adjust.

  33. hello , I need helo with my concern i put the bne slider in my homepage but as the testimonial goes from one to the other, the whole frame shakes . can you help me with this. thanks

    • I’m not seeing anything “shake”. What browser are you seeing this happen on?

        • Looks to only happen on Chrome on Windows. It’s coming from how you’re arranging your page HTML with aggressive paddings and margins all over the place instead of using floating and properly sized’d divs. Of course you’re also inside a table which adds it’s own limitations. I would assume that because it’s in a table, it doesn’t like the fact that the testimonial slider is stretching vertically the table column.

          Have you tried not using the smooth height in the shortcode?
          Add smooth=”false” to the shortcode to see if that helps. This will make all the testimonials equal in height to the largest testimonial.

  34. and also there is a small black dot in left side beside the teatimonial box. this only shows in fade transition.

    • That is a list bullet coming from your theme’s global use of it with .content ul li {…}

      Add this to your custom css area to remove it from targeting the testimonials

      .bne-element-container li { list-style:none !important; }
  35. hi kerry

    really nice plugin!

    hope you can help me with this: how can i remove the thin gray border around the entire slider display?



    • Hi Shoi,

      Add the following CSS to your theme’s custom css area to change the appearance of the slider:

      .bne-testimonial-slider-wrapper {
         border: none !important;
         box-shadow: none !important;
      • thank you so much, kerry. magic – no more borders!

        now. i’m hoping to achieve two further style options……

        the first option:

        to use the new border-less slider “as is” – but with ZERO margin/padding on the left & right, so the slider can align flush with my left-aligned text content.

        currently, there’s a tiny left indent in the slider display, which you can see here –
        the second option:

        to place the new border-less slider (with zero margin/padding on top, right, bottom, left) inside a div tag – style=”padding: 0 0 0 20px; border-left: 11px #7467c7 solid;

        here’s a mockup –

        thanks again for all your help, kerry. deeply appreciated.


        • Hi Shoi, This will get you towards your mockup.

          .bne-testimonial-slider-wrapper {
              box-shadow: none !important;
              background: none !important;
              border: none !important;
          	border-left: 11px #7467c7 solid !important;
          	border-radius: 0px !important;
          	padding: 0px !important;
          .bne-testimonial-slider.flexslider .slides > li {
          	list-style: none;
          .bne-testimonial-slider.flexslider .flex-content {
          	padding: 0px 0px 35px 20px !important;
          .bne-testimonial-slider.flexslider .flex-control-nav {
          	left: 20px !important;
          	bottom: 0px !important;
          .bne-testimonial-slider.flexslider .flex-direction-nav {
          	right: 0px !important;
          	bottom: 0px !important;
  36. I am trying to create a simple category menu for your custom post type using;


    the category list is perfect but the pages are not linking. Any Ideas?

    • Do you mean the links are going to a 404? If so, you’ll need to create a taxonomy template for bne-testimonials-taxonomy and add it to your theme. Then you may need to add a custom query in the template to pull the currently requested taxonomy. Something like the following:

      // Setup Custom Query
      $current_cat = get_query_var('bne-testimonials-taxonomy');
      $args = array(
      	'post_type' => 'bne_testimonials',
      	'bne-testimonials-taxonomy' => $current_cat
      // Then include the rest of your theme's archive template structure.
  37. Hi!

    I love your testimontal plugin! It is by far the best I have found. Thank you!

    I was wondering though why the awesome slide function does not work with Internet Explorer. (I use Safari and another one of my coworkers uses Chrome and it works wonderfully with those browsers)

    Thanks so much!

  38. Plugin works great, but the client has one complaint. When each testimonial displays in the slider, there is an animated spinning wheel in the middle of the slider, kind of like a loading graphic. Client asked if it could be removed, and I don’t have a clue. Is there any way to suppress the rotating wheel?

    • Hi Les,

      The spinning wheel is actually coming from your theme as my plugin does not include that. The CSS causing this is found in /themes/CherryFramework/css/style.css around line 619. it’s using the generic flexslider classname (.flexslider); therefore, it’s targeting ALL uses of flexslider including the testimonials.

      So to get around this, you could add the following to your theme’s custom css area or style.css file:

      .bne-testimonial-slider.flexslider {
         background: none !important;
  39. That did the trick!! Thanks for the fast response!!!

  40. Hello, first, I am pretty much new to site-building and not experienced as a programmer. Second, I have embedded the slider short code in a page of WP theme Twenty Twelve and am populating with quotation text (vs. testimonials). The slider shows up in the viewable page, the buttons and arrows are there and functional manually, however, none of the text I’m inputting is showing up and the slider is not shifting from one screen to the next. I have tried many different things. One was putting all the options into the short code even though some of it is default and the instructions said it was not necessary (below for your review). Another was, since I am not using testimonial titles, I typed a space character -instead of a title – in each title slot, jut to make sure something was typed in there – in case that is required. Another is that I made sure the number of entries equals the post number in the short code (9). An additional oddity that may be relevant is that in order for the text to populate in the ‘visual’/English page area, I have to paste it into the ‘text’/html page area, that is, I cannot paste it directly into the ‘visual’ area. That is all I can think to share. I have reviewed the list of other issues people have written about and don’t see any similar, and so am writing for your suggestion. Thank you! Here is the short code I used. [bne_testimonials_slider post="9" order="date" order_direction="DESC" name="false" image="false" animation="slide" nav="true" smooth="true" pause="true" speed="10000"]

  41. It’s a lovely plug-in!

    Is there a way to enter a new quotation early on in the sequence of 53 entries?

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