BNE Testimonials v1.6 – New Filters Available

Our simple to use WordPress Testimonial plugin is almost six months old and has already been downloaded 600 times. That’s not bad for not really advertising it except here and there. It hasn’t been entered in the WordPress repository either, which we hope to do soon! The plugin has gone through many updates and we’re happy to release v1.6 with improved code structure, and new filters which allows developers to expand / change the look of the testimonials even more!

v1.5 introduced the first four filters that allows you to include custom content above and below both the main testimonial wrapper and each individual testimonial. Now with v1.6, we’re adding 5 more!

Hold Up! These filters are only for v1x of BNE Testimonials. Version 2.0, the Pro version, filters can be found on the support site.

The new Filters:

  1. bne_testimonials_featured_image
  2. bne_testimonials_title
  3. bne_testimonials_details
  4. bne_testimonials_the_content
  5. bne_testimonials_single_structure

Each one is pretty self explanatory. The 1st handles with the featured image; 2nd the post title; 3rd the tagline/company name and website URL; and the 4th handles the testimonial content. Now the 5th one is probably the most important as it allows you to manipulate 1-4 into your preferred order and arrangement. So maybe you prefer the title to be displayed after the content and aligned right or the featured image to be on the right side. Now you can with the above filters.

If you need help with filters, please check the WP Codex.

The important item to note is that we need to pass two variables, $shortcode_output and $options into the filter. The $options is an array that includes the featured image, lightbox option, website url, and tagline/company name custom fields, title, and  our main query. In addition there are the name and image shortcode parameter checks.

  1. i would lik the title just below the content is it possible?

    • Hi Aishan,

      Using the last example filter, Single Testimonial Structure Example, would allow you to move the title below the content. Simply reposition it towards your liking.

  2. Hey guys,

    Totally awesome plugin! Well done on putting together something so powerful and so easy to use!

    I’ve used it absolutely fine, apart from a page where the slider doesn’t appear (yet does successfully on other pages) so I’m guessing there’s some kind of “clash” with stylesheets or something. Would you be able to give me a pointer on what to look at to fix it please? I haven’t been able to track down what the issue is.

    The page where it doesn’t work is:

    Yet a page where it does work is:

    Thanks in advance guys

    Lots of geekness


    • Hi Dave,

      That is very odd. I do see two js errors within the console for the Recently sold and stock list pages. These errors are not on any of the other pages so one or both of these errors could be the cause. The errors seem to point to the drop down you have to sort the car listings and this drop down is also not on the other pages.

      • Hi Kerry,

        Thanks ever so much for your pointer, really appreciated and it was indeed “half” related to the drop down, which I’ve fixed now. Also decided to buy the “pro” version of your plug in too as a result.

        Thanks Kerry, keep up the great work!

        Dave 🙂

  3. Hi!
    I’m using your plugin to list all my testimonials in a page. The problem is I have hundreds of testimonials and the list is neverending. Is there a way to make a pagination and divide the content in several pages?
    Thank you!!

  4. Hi,

    Your plugin was working perfectly since I update to v.1.7.0 this week. Could you help to fix this problem. Since the update nothing show. I am using your slider widget with WordPress v.4.1

    Thank you

    • Try deleting the slider widget and then re-adding it. A new option was added to control the animation speed and existing widgets will cause a soft error since the new setting was not previously available.

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