Flyouts Version 1.3 Released

Flyouts, one of our most popular plugins hit a major milestone today with v1.3. This is a major release and was completely re-written from the ground up. As I grow as a developer, I can only hope my plugins grow with me as well. Since Flyouts was first released last year, it has only improved with greater compatibility and features.

Now with v1.3 we went even further by removing the internal library we depending on, Advanced Custom Fields Pro, which provided all of the meta fields for the Flyout creation. Advanced Custom Fields is a powerful plugin and library and I have no issues with it, but felt that for me to take Flyouts to the next level, I needed to part ways with it. As a result, Flyouts is now 40% faster on performance, 75% lighter on plugin file size, and much more extendable for the future. This update also adds a much requested feature of linking a Flyout Trigger, the floating buttons on the browser edges, to a page instead of a Flyout. In addition, Devs can extend Flyout restrictions to include other post types, page templates, archive pages, user ID, etc.

Existing customers can update automatically from the WP Admin or download the latest version from where you purchased it from. Also, this is a major update, make sure you test in a staging environment first before deploying on a live site and take a backup of your database prior to beginning.

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