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BNE Flyouts is a premium WordPress plugin that adds hidden off-canvas content that are displayed by pushing or sliding over your page content. Flyouts or “panels” can display contact forms, social links, testimonials, images, social feeds, display banners, include a custom menu, biography, or even custom data using a shortcode you’ve created elsewhere).

The possibilities are endless! With BNE Flyouts at the helm incorporate advanced content areas with other plugins and your theme providing additional user ability options and information. Need to show secret content only for logged in users we have you covered. Need to add a call to action button that goes to another page, we have that covered too.

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  • Platfrom: WordPress Plugins
  • GPL License: Unlimited domains/installs - for personal and/or commercial.
  • Version: 1.4 (View Changelog)
  • Resources: Support Docs
  • Requirements: WordPress v4.7+, PHP v5.4+
  • Browser Support: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE9+
5 Stars - Based on 44 User Reviews


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Ongoing Updates

Stay at the cutting edge with continued updates to all of our products automatically from the WP Dashboard.

Browser Compatibility

Compatible with all current and modern versions of popular web browsers - Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE9+

Support & Documentation

We strive to help when ever we can. If you run into an issue with any of our products, please contact us and we will do our best to assist. All of our themes and plugins include access to online documentation or provided pdf.

Developer Friendly

Need to extend? We have you covered. All our themes and plugins include plenty of hooks & filters to allow you to customize it further to best meet your website or personal needs.

Clean Code Standards

Built using the latest standards. No mess and well commented. Clean code equals a fast site.

Localization / Translation Ready

Includes the default .pot file for easier localization and translation into your native language.

Responsive Mobile-Friendly

Fully responsive design that adapts to your browser size for desktop and mobile browsing.

Unlimited Flyouts From Any Side

Trigger Flyout from any side
Flyout Triggers and panels can be placed on all four sides of the browser window. You can create as many as you want. The Triggers, floating buttons and images, can be hidden based on screen size or not shown at all.

Slide or Push to Show

Slide or Push Content
Each Flyout can be shown either by “Pushing” the page content or by “Sliding” over it.

Set the Size for Each Flyout

Any Size Flyout
You can set the size of each Flyout — width for Left and Right, height for Top and Bottom. Worried about it being too large on mobile? Don’t worry, if the size is larger than the screen, it will automatically go to a max-width/height of 100%.

Style each Flyout Individually

Customize the Flyout Styles
Make each Flyout unique and styled to your website design or personality. You can style the background with a solid color or image, including adjusting the font colors.

Trigger From Anywhere

Custom Flyout classname
Each Flyout has a unique classname allowing you to use any element on your website as a trigger. This could be a mobile nav button, image, theme button, text link, or even a menu link. All you need to do is include the classname on your element.

Excellent plugin. Would be great if one could also determine the Flyout width in % instead of having always 100% width. Otherwise the plugin is fantastic. With a google maps plugin there are some issues - but I know, that you can't make it right for everyone.

(Note from BNE Creative - Size can be determined in px and % and there is full support for Google maps and iframes.)

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minimal_worksminimal_worksFrom CodeCanyon

Great addition to a site with a lot of custom options for flyouts. Easy to use & very functional. Thanks!

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It just works - exactly what a plug in should do - perfect !

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After comparing many different flyout plugins, I chose BNE, and I'm glad I did. Lightweight and customizable, it does the job. When I needed help, Kerry provided quick feedback. Great purchase.

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Blake BolesBlake Boles

Awesome Features - Great Support! I have tried many off-canvas content solutions and this one is pretty amazing. It allows you to present content to visitors in a elegant and effective manner. I love it's intuitive interface and broad range of features. With this plugin I finally have the ability to create as many custom off-canvas content areas that I need for my site. I just love it. Great work!

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It did what I needed without a learning curve.

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WalkerDesignerFrom CodeCanyon

Flyout works fine by default. I needed the fullscreen google map flyout and support was great so 5 stars.

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Extremely delighted with your Flyout plugin for Wordpress. I have a whole host of great uses for it and it was so simple to place the first Flyout - literally within a minute of installing the plugin I have a Flyout detailed article with Video and advertising link - excellent! Keep up the Good work. Well worth the money and I am encouraged now to purchase your other products.

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This is the BEST off canvas plugin on the market. Limitless in terms of flexibility. Super simple to use. Great support.

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The plugin itself works perfectly and very smoothly, with plenty of options for you to work with!

But what is astounding to me is the unparalleled Customer Support, I've never had such a delightful experience here on CodeCanyon, really. The author is very patient with less experienced users and never denies us help!

10/10 Plugin + Support :)

Keep up with the excelent work!

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AtelierAlvesFrom CodeCanyon

I really like the plugin so far. It is very simple to use and edit content inside the flyout. I hope soon to see more functions applied to the flyout. A+

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Scot Birchfield
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