The Most Direct Way to Improve your Online Reviews

Website reviews are one of the most important metrics people look for when searching for a new business relationship or product. They want to know that other people have had a positive relationship with you and that you can be recommended to others.

Review Management Explained

Your Online Reviews Are Everything to New Customers



People that trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations


People that say a review must be written within last 30 days in order to be relevant


People that would choose a business with a 3 star or below review rating


People that would choose a business with a 4 star or greater review rating

86% of people hesitate to choose a business that has negative online reviews

Generate Real, Authentic Reviews On Multiple Online Review Sites

Choose the review sites that matter most to you. Customers can place a review on one or all.

Google Review Page
Facebook Review Page
Yellow Pages Review Page
Yelp Review Page

Unique Review Funnel

Increase the number of reviews for your business with a simple conversion funnel that drives customers to review websites that your target audience uses for their initial research!

  • An easy rating system that directs the customer
  • Set the review platform destinations (Yelp, Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages, etc)
  • Negative reviews are positioned to fill out a private contact form
  • Embed tools to include it or linked to from your website, email signature, or print advertisements
  • Personalized request links sent to a customer’s email address or phone number


Landing Page Demo Review Request Demo
White Label Review Page for your Business


Customers rely on each other to have trust in your brand. They want to see real reviews from real people.

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Display Your Best Reviews On Your Website

Have you noticed that many websites display reviews? We all have had that question that pops in our mind… “Are these reviews real?” No fake reviews here. We place actual reviews from Yelp, Facebook, and Google right on your website. This alone will increase your trust with the public.

Actual reviews of our good friends at Arrow Smile dental using our embed display.

Review Generation

Email and SMS Text messages make it easy for your customers to review you when they get home or on the go.


Quickly Grow Your Online Reviews

When your field technician or office staff have finished working with a customer, have them send the customer a review request right from their phone or computer. Your customer gets the notification right on their phone.

Send an Email

A customizable email can be sent directly to the customer with a complete message and contact information.

Text Message

Does your customer prefer a text? Send a quick SMS message directly to their phone with a link to your review page.

Try the Request Demo
Send customized review Text messages

Bad Review Blocker

Prevent negative customer feedback from becoming 1 star reviews online by sending them to a private feedback form.

Private Negative Feedback Form


Customers Vent Privately Instead of “Online”

Handle negative customer feedback offline, blocking it from becoming a public 1-star review. You’ll receive an alert about the negative feedback in your email. This allows you to privately handle the response with the customer and hopefully turn it into a new 5-star review.

Private Notification

You’ll receive an email with details about the cutomer’s negative experience.

Steps to Successful Reviews


Review Management Step 1


Ask For  Reviews

You simply hand your customers a card or email/text them a link to your personal review page and ask them for feedback on the services you provided.

Review Management Step 2


Reviews are submitted

On your review page, your customers select a thumbs up or thumbs down and sent to the appropriate areas.

Review Management Step 3


Reviews are posted

If they rate thumbs up, they’re asked to place a review on your Facebook, Google and/or Yelp pages. If they give a thumbs down, they’re thanked for their feedback and assured it will help improve future service.


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