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Have you wanted to embed reviews from the big boy providers – specifically Yelp, Google, and Facebook? Tired of manually entering them into your WordPress website or using their embed codes? Final question… do you happen to have our WordPress Testimonial Pro plugin?

A few months back, we released v2.3 with the ability to use the WordPress REST API and grab testimonials that you published from one WordPress website and display them onto another automatically. No more needing to constantly update multiple websites with new reviews.

Publish once and push to the rest. Magic!

I honestly have no idea how many of our customers use this feature. I’m going to guest that 90% of our users probably don’t as it’s really geared towards a specific purpose – child, sister, mini-sites, etc. where there is a single brand but multiple domains or landing sites for marketing. Another use would be on a project that I work on called PartnersLocal. This is a directory of our marketing customers giving them a landing page for online search that summarizes their services, reviews and contact information. Works great. Google loves it and we use BNE Testimonials on it for this purpose. Reviews are published on the customer’s website and we use the API in the directory to fetch them.

With the API in place within the BNE Testimonials plugin, I was now able to take it a step further to allow more users to take advantage of it. Now with v2.4, I’ve expanded the API to include reviews from Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Below is an example of all three. I’m going to showcase my families dental office in Covina, CA called Arrow Smile Dental.

Yelp Reviews

Tai Juan Doe P.Tai Juan Doe P.

I typically think through a review before posting but I feel mad as hell and passionate about this that I feel like it should be said in this forum. It...Read More

Jovi V.Jovi V.

Highest recommendation for Dr. Victor Rosales and his team here at Arrow Smile Dental

this review includes a ***personal anecdote

I live 30 miles away...Read More

Facebook Reviews

Leo TerryLeo Terry

CEREC zirconium crowns are the most amazing technology and Dr Rosales and his staff are the BEST a very happy client. 🙂

Read More
Amy StortzAmy Stortz

To my favorite dentist, Dr. Victor M. Rosales. Thank you for giving me my smile back!
Dr. Victor Rosales, DDS., of Arrow Smile Dental (Orthodontics Implants Cosmetic), is the best in dentistry. He has a great team of family and staff. They are all top of the line professionals, with superb workmanship, artistry and state of the art equipment. A CEREC Milling Unit (for same day crowns & implants). A lab on site, 3D Imaging, and TV/DVD for his patients to watch while waiting, or just to relax, if they wish. He has other Hi-Tech equipment, as well, to achieve a precision alignment, which goes hand in hand with that perfect smile, that I now have. I have had poor teeth for about 15 years, and have had many dentists. None of which, have been better at the Mastery of Dentistry, than Dr. Victor Rosales. He has transformed all of my ugly teeth into a beautiful smile. I am 71, and my teeth look better now, than when I was 20. I thought there was no hope, unless I spent a fortune. His fees are very reasonable, and affordable for all incomes, and he will work with you. He is very caring, compassionate, and patient with a desire to make his patients happy with their results. Dr. Rosales is also very good with children, and has a way of making them calm and relaxed. He will always be my dentist, and even though I will be living hundreds of miles away, I will fly or drive to Arrow Smile Dental, for all of my dental needs. If you need quality work, at an affordable price, then you need to call Dr. Rosales to set up an appointment. You will thank God you did. I do every day....Thank you so much!

Always, your most grateful patient,

Trisha D. McLaughlin

Read More

Google Reviews

Ginger AnnGinger Ann

I have been coming here since they opened this location! And I really like this dentist and the staff. I come here and pay cash, because the insurance I have this office no longer takes. I come here because of how honest they are with me about my treatment. I love that they have a discussion with you, to explain why & how a procedure is done. Not leaving just you in the dark about your own health... Love them!

Read More
Daniel WymanDaniel Wyman

My experience was truly second to none. Luis was incredibly helpful, thorough and informative. Found my dentist for life. 🙂

Read More

Yellow Pages Reviews

Amera P.Amera P.

I brought my 2 kids in last week for their first appts. They were terrified!!! Kaneesha cleaned their teeth and was EXCELLENT with them both! She's super funny and made them comfortable although they cried at first she took her time and they did great. Thank you! Hopefully the next time she gets to clean their teeth again 🙂

Read More
Morgan M.Morgan M.

If I could give no stars i would.!!!!! This is the worse dentist office I have ever had the unfortunate time to waste at. My sweet mother took my son to his scheduled appointment today. Upon her arrival today the receptionist VERONICA WATSON is a disgusting excuse for a customer service provider that has ever been allowed to receive a pay check. She was very rude and disrespectful to my mother and in font of all the people in the waiting area along with the other dental assistants. After her blatant racist comments and attitude she made my mother and son wait another hour before seeing the dentist. Well once they were back to see the dentist, which was not the one that he had seen previously, she said she will not put on the sealant on his teeth,that he did not need it . And the whole reason they were there was for the SEALANT. Well that is a complete LIE and just a manipulation. IF one dentist said he needed it and the other said no then it seems to me you have a incompetence problem and some dentist who actually went to an accredit college and have some mental capacity need to be hired. I am disgusted with the waste of an entire day, the attitude your staff has towards my family and I will be reviewing you on every site so that everyone knows just how disgusting this place is.

Read More

Looks like they have some decent reviews. Text is even truncated thanks to a new option with this release so those super long testimonials and reviews won’t take a lot of space initially.

Now some caveats… Each provider has a few basic rules for using their API. All of them require their branding of course. However, Yelp only allows at most 3 reviews from their “Yelp Sort” list, Google allows 5, and Facebook opens the flood gates but requires you to be an administrator of that page.

How about we throw in some awesome badges? This is also new with this release. A badge is an aggregated schema powered widget that will automatically show the average rating, total count, business name, and provider’s logo, and links to the website review page. If you’re using with with BNE Testimonials only – your self published ones can also use this as it will automatically calculate the rating and total for you as well. Of course you can also manually enter your stats if you choose so (except with the API ones).

sampleArrow Smile Dental
5 Stars - Based on 37 User Reviews
sampleArrow Smile Dental
4.5 Stars - Based on User Reviews
sampleA Custom One...
4.4 Stars - Based on 235748 User Reviews

If you haven’t used BNE Testimonials Pro yet, give it a try. There is a free version (very basic) on the WordPress repo. The free one doesn’t have the API, themes, layout options, etc. Check it out and if you like what you see, you’ll love what you can do with the Pro version. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Didn’t know about this feature of reviews! I would love to have on my contact page a selection of my best reviews from the whole site.

  2. does this only work with wordpress websites or can it work with any?

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