Yelp, Google, and Facebook Reviews

Have you wanted to embed reviews from the big boy providers – specifically Yelp, Google, and Facebook? Tired of manually entering them into your WordPress website or using their embed codes? Final question… do you happen to have our WordPress Testimonial Pro plugin?

A few months back, we released v2.3 with the ability to use the WordPress REST API and grab testimonials that you published from one WordPress website and display them onto another automatically. No more needing to constantly update multiple websites with new reviews.

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I honestly have no idea how many of our customers use this feature. I’m going to guest that 90% of our users probably don’t as it’s really geared towards a specific purpose – child, sister, mini-sites, etc. where there is a single brand but multiple domains or landing sites for marketing. Another use would be on a project that I work on called PartnersLocal. This is a directory of our marketing customers giving them a landing page for online search that summarizes their services, reviews and contact information. Works great. Google loves it and we use BNE Testimonials on it for this purpose. Reviews are published on the customer’s website and we use the API in the directory to fetch them.

With the API in place within the BNE Testimonials plugin, I was now able to take it a step further to allow more users to take advantage of it. Now with v2.4, I’ve expanded the API to include reviews from Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Below is an example of all three. I’m going to showcase my families dental office in Covina, CA called Arrow Smile Dental.

Yelp Reviews

bertha d.bertha d.

Everyone is so nice and professional. They really make you feel comfortable and want what's best for you and your teeth. I think after so many years, I've... Read More

Kimberly V.Kimberly V.

Really good service! The staff and drs were very friendly. The dr who did my cleaning did an amazing job and I felt very comfortable. Even when it was... Read More

Facebook Reviews

Shawn BedwellShawn Bedwell

very friendly staff. Makes sure they are giving you comfort during your operation

Read More
Lea GonzalesLea Gonzales

Dr. Rosales is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Dentistry. He works with low income patients as well

Read More

Google Reviews

Trevor PriceTrevor Price

Not many dental offices would see someone with no dental insurance on a Saturday to boot and manage to make the pain stop. The whole team made sure I was comfortable, explained the financing to me, and completed a root canal with no prior appointment. The office lady knew I was in pain and went out of her way to help me get out of pain. I will only use these folks from now on.

Read More
Kimberly VelazcoKimberly Velazco

Really good service! The staff and drs were very friendly. The dr who did my cleaning did an amazing job and I felt very comfortable. Even when it was closing time and the receptionist was in a hurry to go home (but it’s understandable because it’s closing time and she has a family) , the owner/ dr took his time to help me with finance options for braces which I was grateful for. Highly recommend this dental office!

Read More


sampleArrow Smile Dental
4.5 Stars - Based on 46 User Reviews
sampleArrow Smile Dental
4.6 Stars - Based on 18 User Reviews
sampleA Custom One...
4.4 Stars - Based on 235748 User Reviews

If you haven’t used BNE Testimonials Pro yet, give it a try. There is a free version (very basic) on the WordPress repo. The free one doesn’t have the API, themes, layout options, etc. Check it out and if you like what you see, you’ll love what you can do with the Pro version. You won’t be disappointed.

5 thoughts on “Yelp, Google, and Facebook Reviews

  1. Didn’t know about this feature of reviews! I would love to have on my contact page a selection of my best reviews from the whole site.

  2. does this only work with wordpress websites or can it work with any?

  3. Hi
    Can,t we add more than 5 google review.


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