Introducing BNE Creative

Bluenotes Entertainment is now BNE Creative!

Over the past few months, I’ve been contemplating our name. The whole Bluenotes Entertainment, at the time was based on the idea of venturing into many multi-media areas including graphic, web, iPhone apps, and short lobby videos.

Over the last three years, the direction of the company began to focus on a single core service — web design, with a slight touch on graphics. Therefore, the name as originally laid out does not fully explain what I currently do. Not too mention, it’s long,  standing at 22 characters.

Since the beginning, I have always shortened Bluenotes to just BNE. This happens to also represent how I prefix my code. Furthermore, changing Entertainment to Creative still provides a type of umbrella for multiple ventures within the design space.

What happens now

Most importantly, BNE Creative is still managed by the same person who provides the same outstanding products, service, support and passion for WordPress and web design in general. All of our existing assets will be updated to reflect our new branding and are busy at bringing out future products.

What does this mean for existing customers?

If you’re already a customer, all of your purchases, downloads, support tickets and account info have been safely and securely migrated from Bluenotes Entertainment to BNE Creative. Simply sign in with the same username and password you’ve used previously.

2 thoughts on “Introducing BNE Creative

  1. All the best with your new name and focus. I am currently sort of reinventing my own company, and I do believe being clear about what you do is essential for success.

    Regards, Marc

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